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Privacy Policy
Moti Media Limited (hereafter "the Company" or "we") is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience of online job application. The following statement explains our commitment to managing your personal information and sets out how and when personal information is collected, used, shared, and secured. Any personal information collected will be processed in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (Macao Special Administrative Region Act 8/2005). By using this website, you clearly understand and accept this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement only applies to information collected on this website.

You agree to and accept that the information collected on this website may be shared with any affiliated companies of the Company, in order to provide the relevant services.

Collection of Data for Personal Identification
The Company may collect personal information about you when you submit job application(s) on this website, such information includes but not limited to your:

We will also collect other information that does not reveal your specific identity (such as Date and Time you browsed this website, your internet protocol (IP) address, files you accessed, your browser type / operating system, etc.). Such information helps us to understand your requirements and adjust our information.

Use and Disclosure of the Information Collected
We use the information we gather on the Web Site, whether personal, demographic, collective or technical, for the purposes of operating and improving the Web Site, fostering a positive user experience, and delivering the services that we offer, unless as required by law.

When you browse this website, we may collect information regarding your website preferences with "cookies". Cookies are small files stored in the memory of your device that help maximize your use of this website. Cookies cannot be used to identify your specific identity. If you wish to block cookies, you can activate the setting on your browser to do so. But if you choose to disable cookies, it may limit your full use of services on our website.

Storage of Personal Information
We may retain your information for as long as needed to provide you service and/or as required by applicable laws. If your personal information is no longer required, such information will be destroyed or deleted in a secure environment.
How will Moti Media Limited protect your personal information?
The Group will take all appropriate security measures to prevent any unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion of information collected. Such measures include regular internal review of data collection, storage, processing and security measures, as well as information security measures to prevent any unauthorized access to the systems containing personal information.

Database of Moti Media Limited
The information you provide will be stored on the database of Moti Media Limited.
Changes to Privacy Statement

Moti Media Limited reserves the rights to amend this Privacy Statement at any time. If we decide to materially change the substance of this Privacy Statement, we will post those changes through a prominent notice on the website so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use that information, and to whom we will disclose it.

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飛晨媒體有限公司(以下簡稱 "公司 "或 "我們")致力於保護用戶的隱私,並努力為用戶提供安全、可靠的在線求職體驗。以下聲明解釋了我們對管理您的個人信息的承諾,並說明了個人信息的收集、使用、共享和安全的方式和時間。任何收集的個人資料將根據《個人資料保護法》(澳門特別行政區第8/2005號法律)處理。當您使用本網站時,即表示您明確了解並接受本隱私聲明。本隱私聲明只適用於本網站收集的信息。


當您瀏覽本網站時,我們可能會通過 "cookies "收集有關您的網站偏好的信息。 Cookies是存儲在您設備內存中的小文件,有助於您最大限度地使用本網站。 Cookies不能用來識別您的具體身份。如果您希望阻止cookies,您可以激活瀏覽器上的設置。但如果您選擇禁用Cookie,可能會限制您對本網站服務的全面使用。個人資料的保存我們可能會在為您提供服務和/或適用法律要求的時間內保留您的信息。如果不再需要您的個人信息,這些信息將在安全的環境中被銷毀或刪除。太陽城集團有限公司將如何保護您的個人信息?集團將採取一切適當的安全措施,以防止任何未經授權的訪問,修改,披露或刪除收集的信息。這些措施包括定期對數據收集、存儲、處理和安全措施進行內部審查,以及採取信息安全措施,以防止任何未經授權的訪問包含個人信息的系統。



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